Dear God

Dear God,

“I’m sorry for being such a disappointment to you.”

“What makes you think you are a disappointment to me?”

“I’ve not done much with the life you gave me.”

“What do you mean by saying you’ve not done much?”

“I procrastinate and never get to important stuff because I’ve put off doing the mundane things I need to do and then do them much later than I should. By the time I get those mundane things done there’s no time or energy for the things that I think are important to you. It’s kinda been that way all my life.”

“How could you make the mundane things important?”

“Well, a thought just came into my head that if I praised you all the time I was doing those mundane things it would make them important. I read something somewhere today, Christmas day, 2018, about how praising God even in bad circumstances does something I thought  at the time was pretty cool, but now I don’t remember exactly what it was.”

“Can you trust what you do remember enough to apply the idea, knowing there was something there from which you could acquire motivation to praise me?”

“I can try, but the hard part is having enough praise ammunition in my brain to maintain a prayer of praise.”

“You better get to work.”

“I’ve got a start but I have much more memorizing to do. Thanks, Coach!”

“You’re welcome.”

“Amen, Lord.”